Wallpaper is a fantastic tool that can pack a huge visual punch. It’s available in a seemingly unending variety of colors, patterns, and textures, and depending on what you choose it can be either big and bold or soft and subtle. What’s also great about wallpaper is that it can be used in many different ways.
When painting a room, most people will paint all four walls the same color. However, you can really change a room’s sense of dimension and mood by uing wallpaper on just one of the room’s walls. Here a fun pattern ties into the rest of the room through shared color but brings a bit of lightness and frivolity to the space.

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Wallpaper can be used to set a theme for a room. Here we have wallpaper with birdcages. If you have a room for live birds – or a general birdcage theme to your room’s deign – then this wallpaper helps make that theme clear.




Striped wallpaper can be a great option for elongating a room. The choice here – to use wallpaper along a single wall and to extend the design across the floor – really elongates the space. You can use colored stripes or black and white ones depending on your design preferences.




Wallpaper can be used to bring texture to a space. Here we have a great design that’s pure white. This is a good way to keep color to a minimum on your walls without having boring walls that disappear into the background.




Wallpaper is a great way to bring the feeling of nature into your home without actually putting plants in the house. If you’re allergic to plants (or just have a brown thumb) then a nature-themed wallpaper choice can help you bring the outdoors in.




You can really go wild with wallpaper in a child’s room. This is where bright color, fantastic design and pure creativity can come together to create a fun room that your child may never want to leave!




A lot of the wallpaper that we’ve looked at has been really bright and bold. However wallpaper can also be used to ground an otherwise bold room. A neutral color and earthy texture grounds the space like we see in this bathroom.




Most people don’t think of putting wallpaper on the ceiling. However, a magnificent ceiling provides a unique sense of style for a room. Consider this underused design option when decorating with wallpaper.




Another underused option is to wallpaper the closet. Most people ignore closet design since it’s not a space that guests will see. Precisely because of this, you can think of it as your own private place that you can decorate any way that you’d like. Choose fun wallpaper that speaks to the dreamer in you and take a moment each day to appreciate that side of yourself as you’re getting dressed in the morning.

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